The truth will stand and a lie not tarry. WCS attorneys “WCS” made the false allegations to CPS

Though the WCS attorneys lied to have Megan Cook removed from her Mother, Dorothy Cook custody 1/31/2017 to cover up the wrong both the State of NC Public Schools level and the Local NC Public Schools levels has done and continue to do to Megan Cook and her Mother,Dorothy Cook and all that apply. It is EC DSS CPS Petition Review Summary stated: A report was made by WCS attorneys that are concerned about Megan Cook". Now we ask WCS attorneys Schwartz&Shaw Law firm P.L.L.C. located in Raleigh,NC  including but not limited to attorney, Rachel B. Hitch why is it you denied this same child Megan Cook around 3 years of education per your own 2/18/13 dated letter’ Contact with School System Employees and Presence on School Property’ dated 2/18/2013 and around September,2016 though per said letter Dorothy Cook made numerous requests for enrollment into WCS attorney Rachel B. Hitch per said letter and knowing that this child was receiving no education at you had no concerns about the child as even the child requested to be enrolled in WCS herself and you failed to allow that and had no concern about the violations of the laws and harm you were doing to the same said child. Until after you rescind your 2/18/13 dated letter in its entirety and then 10/12/2016 you, WCS attorneys make false allegations against the Mother,Dorothy Cook to Wilson County DSS CPS because of concerns you had for Megan. Where was all the concerns for the years not days of education you denied her and traumatised, isolated,an educationally deprived her of and so much more with No concerns or regrets for doing it yet. As the heat got hot Fed government wanted to know where all the money the SEA excepted to educate Megan then declined to do so for years and failed to resolve the numerous continuous complaints of the Mother, about child Megan being denied and education with 1st request being around March 2013 and continuously thereafter to State and Local NC Public Schools levels with no resolve which per IDEA it is the NC Public School level responsibility to intervene or investigate in individual complaints, as this is consistent with 34 CFR.  300.151-300.153 of Part B of the IDEA. Under Part B, States are responsible for resolving any complaint; whether the complaint alleges that the State itself or one of the public agencies in the State has violated  requirement of Part B. Therefore this same State of NC removed custody of Megan Cook from her Mother,Dorothy Cook to cover the State of NC own violations, by stating the Mother,Dorothy Cook refused to allow her child to be educated and you punish the child,Megan and her Mother,Dorothy Cook to cover up your own crimes and use you State of NC government connections to get it done. Today is the day of adjudication hearing In the matter of Megan Cook 5/16/2017 Edgecombe County District Juvenile Court located jn Tarboro,NC File No: 17JA52. Attention : United States Department Of Education Office Of Special Education Programs, Thank you will respond with adjudication decision for the Matter of: Megan Cook. As there need to be noted there is no 2013 CPS case for Dorothy Cook but there is an ficticious,malicious,slandering NonSecure Custody Exhibit that is dated 12-6-13 and was included in the 1/31/17 NonSecure Custody Order Edgecombe County DSS Director/Edgecombe County Schools Board Member Marva G. Scott used to get approval from Judge William Farris to remove the custody of child,Megan from her Mother and placed Directly into Foster Care the State of NC Custody.  The exhibit is not truth and is written as: The mother has sufficient income, but is unable to maintain housing and his been unable to utilize family resources in order to care for her children. The mother moves around from house to house moving the children with her and not feeding them properly and bathing them. She has remained in domestic violence relationship with her boyfriend. The mother has allowed her fifteen year old daughter to have sex with a grown man who provides money and gifts to the child. The adult male had sex with the fifteen year old on numerous occasions and the mother was aware of the encounters"  LIES! Created so the State of NC could and did take custody of Megan Cook there is not any such 2013 Wilson County DSS CPS case but to secure custody removal from parent, Dorothy Cook they created a false CPS NonSecure Custody record/doc and entered it in as evidence to Judge 1/31/17 to secure removal of Megan Cook from Dorothy Cook her Mothers Custody and did that and more.

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