Petition 17JA52 is fake EC DSS filed the petition in retaliation of what SW Alicia Lewis told D.C. to do being REPORT HER

They had a team meeting and decided to remove the custody of Megan Cook for reasons that had nothing to do with the child’s safety, well being or being in imminent danger but because EC DSS SW Alicia Lewis behaved a certain kind a way and Dorothy Cook took pictures and the she told Dorothy Cook to report her and Dorothy Cook did by exposing the SW behavior on her page that is shared to her other social network pages. EC DSS did bring this up with Judge Anthony Brown hearing he presided over though Dorothy Cook was told it was not her time to speak. The judge did tell EC DSS he could not address the internet posting because he didn’t have jurisdiction if they wanted that to be heard they would have to file a motion with the court and that was 2/7/17 and EC DSS as of today 7/15/17 has not filed the motion with the court to get it addressed and now to find out the EC DSS removed the child because of Posting not a blog created about her and even if was a blog that is not legal grounds to have a child removed from her parents physical custody. That is retalition! No wonder there was no services offered to keep the child in the home as the mother did nothing to the child but the EC DSS SW Alicia Lewis was mad at the mother and her supervisors and other team members helped her with their retaliation Nonsecure Cusody petition signed as verified fact by Marva G.Scott and and signed as witnessed by SW Alicia Lewis 1/31/17 but but in plan to be done as agreed upon 1/18/17 long before the 1/27/17 meeting to discuss removing Megan custody from her mother received the same day of the meeting 1/27/17 with meeting scheduled for 10:00am and letter received 11:45am after meeting time. The removal of the child Megan Cook was not imminent emergency danger to the child as it was agreed to be done 1/18/17 as sheer retaliation at the pleasure of SW Alicia Lewis vengeance. Now they destroyed a child to hurt the mother for a reason they had opportunity but chose not to address thru proper motion filed with the court for their own fraudulant CPS case they all should and I requesting /demanding they be criminally prosecuted for their actions per their choices.!  Thank you God almighty obedience is better than sacrifice. Thanks you Lord God almighty thank you Jesus thank you Jesus Lord stop these people in Jesus name reveal all the cases done for shear revenge, retaliation that’s they are destroying children and their families for unjust reasons Lord God stop them in Jesus name let them harm no more Amen in Jesus name.

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