NC Department of Public Instruction Dispute Consultant, Kate Neale creates criminal entrapment by government agency that per her own response included NC DPI of D. Cook per WCS 2/18/13 dated letter…

Faith Based Court Case filed to God . Faith Based Court Case filed to God expecting, believing and received by faith God’s judgement. As the judgement of God has no errors and are truthful In all the matters of judging and is not judged by the laws of man of theand that are so unjustly dished out among some and ignored or covered up as just mere low down dirty works of dirt but the good old boys in connections but Lord God you created man from the dirt therefore you Lord God worked the earthly dirt first and we thank you for working this dirt as when you worked the dirt you spoke and said let their be and there was but you but your hands to work by creation of man in your image from the dirt of the earth and as such saying that which you made is good, then taking the rib from man and creating female, help meet for man for it was not good for man to be alone ord God for you even then revealed that the tactic of isolation was to destroy , not a good thing but bad. Lord God the State of North Carolina Public Schools Department of Public Instruction, NC State Public Schools Board of Education Members including Superintendent at that time June Atkinson, the Wilson County Public Schools Board of Education Member including its Superintendents as they may have been changed as some retired from position to benefit themselves and the State of North Carolina Public Schools from being prosecuted criminally or held accountable criminally for they to were parties of and in that which was done. So the law of this world has statutes of limitations but the laws and judgements of You Lord God have no statute of limitation and your judgement is from you not man nor is it b u or in any way controlled by man. God you are God and not man. Pull back the covers and reveal that which has been revealed or is hidden with your clarity as the February 18,2013 dated letter from Wilson Count Public Schools Board of Education Members thru and by it’s LawFirm Schwartz&Shaw P.L.L.C. locac.f.c.fted in Raleigh,NC to Prose Rep D. Cook for and during NC Office of Administrtive Hearing Special Education Contested Court Case 13-EDC-07545 on her then daughter which she had custody of , M. Cook behalf filed. The 2/18/13 dated letter is (Act of Extortion by Threats among other U.S. and State of N.C. Constitutional violations among others which the State of North Carolina Public. Schools level Officials and Lawyers contacted chose not to address the 2/18/13 dated Extortion Letter but agreed with said letter and covered up the crimes and all such and becoming a party of the Act of Extortion Letter and its crimes , deprivations / violations  of  both the State of NC Constitution, and U.S. Constitution which by doing so the Members of the Wilson County Public Schools Board of Education and the NC State Board of Education Members and all those that are other than them that took an oath of office to uphold the NC Constitution or the U.S. Constitution or both violated their oath of office and from the 2/18/13 dated letter a until late 2016 when Wilson County Public Schools chose to rescind such letter in its fullness of content. As that also included the North Carolina Non Departmentt of Public Instruction and a that have tampered with the Home School record of a Home School that I was the Administrator of which was closed by me but after the State of North Carolina Department of Public Instruction became in authorized control and jurisdiction of the Home School Denied but God has Not Forgotten records were tampered with to state that the Home School WS closed November of 2016 which document of such was recently received that state such which is falsifying of Government official documents. Which aided and abbetted with the unjust removal of custody of Megan Cook from her mother Dorothy Cook who was the home school administrator and October 2017 during a Court Case Hearing that was unjust it was stated because of Lack of Education the child Megan Cook was permanently given to the custody of her Sister and her Father without the permanant custody of the child being removed from her mother. Lord God they did this and you know how Marva G. Scott as Megan legal guardian being requires by the U.S. Department of education to give her permission to investigate herself as or in her NC Gov. Official capacity as Edgecombe County Public Schools Board of Education Member which the OCR complaint was filed against on Megan Cook and Dorothy Cook behalf and the request for permission to allow OCR Ed to investigate her Marva Scott because she was Megan Legal Guardian within a few hours during a court case hearing Marva Scott was not Megan Cook Legal Guardian anymore and to add as a legal method to close the fraudulant Edgecombe County DSS Child Protective Service 10/12/2016 false allegations Lord God we know what the court papers say but we ask your truth in judgement per who you know made the allegations you know their heart and intent and you know all the results that has occured because of it. Lord God you heard every word said every plan every secret , every signed and filled out just or unjustly form, note, document, letter, text, email, phone call, recording, spying on by what ever means that the ones being spied on is not aware of or has not done that which is required to be spied on by man for legal reasons. Lord God your judgement in truth is requested in Jesus name Destroy theies from the root burn them up from the root as only you can and move yet and steal and destroy the works of the 2/18/13 dated letter evilness in fullness.  Act of Extortion: Extortion by Threatening Letter:  1831. Extortion by Threatening Letter (Pen. Code 523)   The defendant is charged (in court) with sending a threatening letter with intent to extort [in violation of Penal Code section 523]  To prove that the defendant is guilty of this crime, the People must prove that;   1: The defendant sent or delivered a threatening letter [or writing] to another person:  Wilson County Public Schos,NC Board of Education thru and by itaw Firm Schwartz&Shaw P.L.L.C. located in Raleigh,NC. sent to Prose Rep Dorothy Cook 2/18/2013 dated letter of threats of criminal prosecution without truthful legal grounds or evidence. < Alternative 2A- threatened to injure> Threats caused and still is causing personal injuries among others because of content of  2/18/13 dated letter.  [2 In letter [or writing ], the defendant threatened to unlawfully injure ( the other person or someone else/ [or] :}    < Alternative 2B – threatened to accuse of crime>   [ In the letter [or writing], the defendant to accuse the other person [; or person’s relative or family members ,] of crimes ;]   <Alternative 2C – threatened to expose secrets   [2 In the letter [or writing] , the defendant threatened to expose a secret about the other person)/, or that person’s relative or family member,] [ or to expose or connect ( him/ her/ any of them) with a ( disgrace,] / [or] crime [,] [or] deformity)]   The term consent has a special meaning here, Consent for extortion can be coerced or unwilling, as long as it is given as a result of a wrongful use of force of fear.    [ The threat can be directly stated In the letter [ or writing] and the surroundings circumstances or can can be I tended by the sender to understood as  threat by the recipient.]   [ The letter [ or writing]  does not need to be signed and does not need to have been ( written/ dictated/ composed) by the defendant.]   [ The crime is complete when the letter [or writing] is either delivered to someone or deposited in a post office or any other place, with the intent that the letter [or writing] be forwarded to the intended recipient. It is not required to hat he intended recipient actually receive the letter [or writing] .   [ An official act is an act that a person does in his or her official capacity, using the authority of his or her public office.]   [ A secret is a fact that:  1. Is unknown to the general public or to someone who might be Interested in knowing the fact:   AND   2. Harms the threatened person’s reputation or other interest so greatly that he or she would be likely to ( give the defendant money [or] property]/ [or] do an official act) to prevent the fact from being revealed.]   New January 2006  BENCH NOTES   Instructional Duty   The court has a sua sponte duty to give this instruction defining the elements of the crime.    Depending on the evidence, in element 2, give the appropriate alternative A-,C describing the threat. Pen. Code. 519].   AUTHORITY • Elements. Pen Code 523   • Crime Complete When Mailed. Pen. Code 660.   • Felony Punishment . Pen. Code 520   • Threat Pen. Code. 519   • Coerced Concentrate. People v. Goodman (1958) 159 Cal. App. 2d. 54,61 [323 P.2d 536]: People v. Peck  (1919) 43 Cal.App. 638,645 [185 P. 881] extortion under Pen. Code, 518,519].   • Official Act Defined.  See People v. Mayfield  (1997)  14 Cal. 4th 668,769-773 [60 Cal. Rptr. 2d 1, 928 P. 2d 485]  [ kidnapping or extortion ]  ; People v. Norris (1985) 40 Cal. 3d  51,55-56 [ 219 Cal. Rptr.7, 706 P.2d 1141]  [ same].   • Secret Dsfined. People v. Lavine  (1931) Cal.App. 289, 295 [1P. 2d 496]  [extortion under Pen. Code. 518,519].   CALCRIM No. 1831 THEFT AND EX TORTION   • Unlawful Injury Define. People v. Schmitz (1908) 7 Cal. App. 330,369-370 [94 P. 407] [ extortion under Pen. Code. 518.519].   • Threat to Accuse Of Crime Includes Threat to Continue Pursuit of Criminal Charge. People v. Umana  (2006)  138 Cal. App. 4th 625,640-641 [41 Cal. Rptr. 3d 573].   COMMENTARY Addimg. ” official act”  to section 518 expanded the definition of extortion in the related code sections, including section 523, to include extortion of an official act ( Isaac v. Superior Court  (1978) 79 Cal. App. 3d  260,263-264 [ 146 Cal. Rptr. 396]    LESSER INCLUDED OFFENSES   • Attempted Extortion. Pen.Code, 524″   Lord God almighty Faith Based Court Case filed to God with God judgement from heaven onto the earth requested for all that per you Lord God are the violators as you know each and every person by name even the numbers of hairs upon each and every one of their heads you knew them before they was created in their mother’ s womb Lord God let you Judgement of Justice with recompence per you Lord God be done. In Jesus name Amen Thank you Lord God Thank you.


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