Megan Cook , I Luv U and filed Appeal today 2/9/17 of with ECDSS Dir. M.S. challenge Petition 

Apealed filed today 2/9/17 with Edgecombe Co DSS Tarboro,NC Director Marva G Scott challenging the legal sufficiency of the Neglect Dependency Petition dated a d filed 1/31/17 used to remove the custody of Megan Cook from her Mother,Dorothy Cook and placed in the custody of the State of NC and shortly after placed in Foster Care with out Family residential placement considered first which is a violation of law. It was requested that Megan Cook be returned to the custody of her Mother, Dorothy Cook until said appeal process is resolved. As 2/9/17 is also visitation day for Megan but the Judge Court Order was not complied with by Edgecombe Co DSS CPS and as such the visitation was decrease from 4pm to 6 pm to 4pm to 5pm because venue of visitation was changed from the Foster Parent resident Megan lives with to visitation at Edgecombe County DSS and Edgecombe Co.DSS close at 5:00 pm per Social Worker in the court 2/7/17 as no other after hours SW agreement is documented or made at court case hearing as venue was Foster Parent residence, therefore the 2nd hour of the visitation from 5pm to 6pm has been unlawly decreased as well as there being 2,two Edgecombe Co DSS CPS ‘s locations Rocky Mount,NC and Tarboro,NC and with change of venue to ECDSS by ECDSS themselves the Visitation and Contact Plan do not state which ECDSS visitation is at as meeting for other ECDSS CPS for the same File  No. 17JA52 has been scheduled at both venues but each time noted as such but not for Court Ordered visitation.  Why not? Appeal was by oral contact as only phone no. 252  641 7668 was provided for Marva Scott ECDSS Director , no email address on Court case document. APPEAL of Petition 17JA52 was f I led today 2/9/2017.  Please share. Thank you all for everything! 

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